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‘Jojo Rabbit’ Calls for Unity and Love Despite Differences

If satirical brilliance is what you’re looking for at the theatres, Jojo Rabbit may be just the right movie to watch this fall season.

Taika Waititi’s latest cinematic masterpiece, Jojo Rabbit, could not have found a better time for its release. Heartfelt, childlike, yet intensely powerful in its delivery of an anti-hate message, the movie forces audiences to rethink the way we perceive the world and calls into question of whether or not it is right to always see things (or people) at face value.

Jojo Rabbit follows the journey of a young boy named Johannes living in Nazi Germany, who goes about his daily life with his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. Life seems undisturbed and filled with content until he discovers his mother hiding a Jewish girl named Sid in their attic. The uncomfortable presence of Sid in his house slowly leaves Johannes questioning his own identity and the Anti-semitic values that have been instilled in him by society.

In a world where society has become a fragile fabric easily ripped apart by misunderstandings through politics and social values, it is easy for people to misinterpret avoidance as the new norm, when in fact it should be the opposite. Jojo Rabbit’s refreshing stance encourages peaceful confrontation as way to understand those whose values sit on the opposing side.

Jojo, played by young (and adorable) Roman Griffith Davis, yields to his own childish curiosity to break down the Anti-semitic barriers suggested by Nazism to become close to Sid, eventually learning to care for her as not just a victim of war, but also a wholesome human being.

The forging of an unlikely friendship between a 10-year old Nazi boy and a young Jewish girl sends a beautiful message proving that civility can exist between groups with opposing values. We are all human after all, and let us not forget that.

As Jojo’s mother Rosie (played by Scarlett Johansson) says, “Love is the strongest thing in the world.”

Linnea Moran

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