Entertainment, Life / October 1, 2019

Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert Is Everything You Need and More

Tell me how you’re feeling? If your answer is good as hell, then we have a true Lizzo fan in the house. Lizzo’s music means so much to so many people, in fact, some would argue that Lizzo is an entire movement. A movement that is well worth getting behind.

Her tunes are catchy, her attitude is fiercely genial and her message is all positive. Lizzo’s lyrics are all about self-love, body positivity and acceptance in a way that no other pop-star till date has ever tackled.

You might be familiar with NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series, where musicians give very organic performance behind the infamous tiny desk. Lizzo’s Tiny Desk show brings the house down with amazing vocals and witty sound bites. It’s the best thing we’ve seen this week.

We invite you to see Lizzo in all her beauty and might. It’s goosebumps kinda good.

Samiat Salami

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