Beauty, Self Care / September 3, 2019

Look Half Your Age With These Anti-Aging Secrets

A lot of my friends have started getting botox. Some get it for frown lines and others, for sweat reduction. Some look pretty much the same and others are starting to look like cats. *meow*

Glow-Getter: A driven gal, striving to acheive her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow on the inside and out.
Courtesy of Sunday Riley

I’m not quite ready to turn into a forced feline and so instead of going the med spa route, I’ve finally started taking care of my skin. Like most women, I asked my mom and friends for advice in order to establish a skincare routine that will hopefully make my skin glow and slow the pace of aging.

Women around the world use different regimens and remedies to take care of their skin with the hopes of maintaining their youth.

Dr. Oz met with four women who are regularly mistaken for being much younger. Find out how soaking your face in ice water, steamed prunes and wheatgrass shots can turn back the clock.

Linnea Moran

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