Career, Funny, Random Musings / July 22, 2019

Love At The Office

PDA makes me uncomfortable, especially if it’s among co-workers. I really don’t want to see Dwight from sales and Angela from accounting making out at the holiday party, but these things happen.

I’m 99% sure that there is a down-low relationship currently under way at my office. How do I know? I see them walking around the block together in the middle of the day. I catch the occasional unprofessional glances between them. Yes, I’m a nosey person when it comes to other people’s love lives, but it’s also increasingly obvious when something is going on between co-workers.

For example, I would never touch a colleague’s nape🤢.

Look, I want everyone to be happy, including myself, so as long as your office lovefest doesn’t affect productivity or spread disease, go for it. Just do me a favor: don’t make out in front of me or else I will think of it every time the three of us are in an elevator.

Let’s see what Wong Fu thinks about finding love at work.

Linnea Moran

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