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Loving Your Body After Baby

I hate the idea of a “snapback”. After I had both of my children, I lost a ton of weight fairly quickly and people would constantly commend me for my snapback.


In reality, I had lost weight from working tirelessly at giving 100% to my baby, 100% to my career and whatever I had left to my partner. I was stretched thin, literally in this case, and it was really hard. I was doing whatever I could for my new family, and I had no time to care for myself. I lost all of my confidence and hated my new body. I did whatever I could to gain the weight back, and it wasn’t until I was pregnant again that I started to feel beautiful.


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I had my babies 18 months apart, and now that my son is 16 months old, I’m finally back to my pre-first pregnancy weight. Still, my body is different, and it will never be how it was before I became a mom. Some days I have to dig deep to feel comfortable in my body, but I do my best to serve as an example of true beauty and confidence for my daughter.


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We all have different stories and struggles when it comes to living in our new bodies and for me, it has helped to hear what other people are going through. Actress and comedian Colleen Ballinger, who most people know as her famed character Miranda, shares her honest and relatable journey of adjusting to life in her new body after baby:

How are you feeling after having a baby? Share your story in the comments below.

And don’t forget, you’re beautiful. #SparkleAndShine

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