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Mamas! This Year’s Registry Must-Have Is Here!

Pregnant women everywhere, listen up! Fridababy, creators of the NoseFrida that you got at your baby shower (you know, the snot sucker that you swear you’ll never use?), has created an amazing line for moms! Their products have changed the game for newborn and infant care and now moms are getting support with their new line of postpartum care products.

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The product line includes peri bottles, disposable underwear, ice pads, witch hazel pads and more! Postpartum recovery is not easy but it helps to have the tools you need to feel comfortable as you begin your journey as a new mom. Moms experienced with postpartum recovery know that big ol’ underwear and ice pads are a girls best friend after giving birth.

Learn more about Frida mom and add these must-haves to your registry ASAP! #sprayitforward

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