Inspiration / September 30, 2019

Monday Motivation | Meditating On The Meaning Of Your Name

It’s Monday and before you look at your calendar and are reminded of the busy week ahead, take a moment to clear your head and reflect on who you are and what it means to be you.

Founder of workplace wellness promoter, WellFests and Co-Founder of SHOWGA, Shannan Slevin shares a mindfulness exercise based around the meaning of your name. Find a quiet space for a quiet moment to start this Monday.

Mindfulness Exercise: Meaning of Your Name

Breathe in and out. Inhale and exhale. Feel your belly rising when you inhale and falling as you exhale. 

Inhale and exhale. Think about why you are here. What you would like to get out of this time.

Next, think of the meaning of your name. 

Do you know it?

If you do or if you don’t, think about what you’d like your name to mean. 

Would you like it to mean balance? 



What about inner peace? 

Whatever that word is, let it become a guiding word for you throughout your day. 

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