Daily Dose of Sublime / November 4, 2019

Never Too Old For A Playground

Playgrounds for folks getting up there in age are spreading around the U.S. They are often called “multigenerational” or elderly playgrounds or parks. Right now there are just over 50 of them across the country, and we are likely to see more pop up.

Older Asian Couple using playground exercise equipment

While they aren’t full of slides and monkey bars, they are full of equipment that provides great stretching and resistance exercises. These parks are great for those who don’t need the heavy equipment and the intense atmosphere of a gym.

Two older women using playground equipment for senorss

Neighborhoods seem to benefit from them just as much as the people who use them. Having more people outdoors and interacting with each other is healthy for communities. While people use the low-impact equipment, they can talk with their neighbors and keep up with what’s going in their neighborhoods.

We want to see more spaces like this! Check out this news report from CBS Denver, then reach out to your City Council and float the idea!

Steve Reddell

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