Daily Dose of Sublime, Food / February 18, 2020

No-Fuss Lamb Ragù by Alison Roman

Ever since I purchased Alison Roman’s first cookbook Dining In two Christmases ago, I’ve quickly fallen in love with the California-grown, Brooklyn-based chef who now writes killer recipes for the New York Times. It’s not every day you come across a non-pretentious, relatable chef who makes cooking videos from her tiny, dishwasher-less kitchen with charmingly disorganized pantry display. Her laid-back style, love for affordable ingredients, and sense of humor has captivated a whole new generation of aspiring home cooks.

This entry-level recipe is perfect for your next pasta night. It’s got all the familiar, well-loved ingredients (pasta, tomatoes, and of course, lots of cheese) as well as your non-everyday ingredients like lamb. Basically, consider this your “not-so-average” average pasta night.

Not into some of the recipe constituents like lamb or anchovies? No problem. Roman makes it clear to all that this recipe is open to all substitutions so long as they help the recipe deliver. You’ll not only impress your S/O, but also your little picky eaters.

Watch the full video below and access the recipe here!

Linnea Moran

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