Family Planning, Life / September 19, 2019

#NoFutureNoChildren: Why Teens Are Pledging Not To Have Children

The realities of climate change are rather bleak. The ice caps are melting, the sun is hotter than it has ever been, the Amazon rain forest is burning, the ocean is full of plastic and ozone layer is becoming virtually non-existent.

It can often feel like no matter how much people recycle, compost and mind your carbon footprint, the damage that has been done to the environment cannot be undone until federal agencies enact proper environmental legislation.

This is why eco-conscious teens worldwide are pledging to have a child-free future until politicians make climate change a more focal priority.

The movement was created by 18-year-old environment activist, Emma Lim, who launched her campaign on Parliament Hill in Ottawa this past Monday. She invited hundreds of other teens to join her in her efforts and so far, more than 763 people have signed up online using the hashtag #NoFutureNoChildren.

“People joining the pledge are giving up parenthood, which is supposed to be one of the most important things to us,” said Lim, “This will show how serious we are about this and how grave this issue is.”

Many of these teenagers reference the alarming socio-economic and environmental difficulties of trying to raise children in a world that has been gravely affected by the effects of climate change.

While opting out of parenting is definitely a drastic choice, some studies show that reducing the world’s population inadvertently reduce carbon emissions.

Linnea Moran

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