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Ooh La La —July Love Horoscopes Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Temperatures are rising with the summertime heat and your love life is no exception. Whether it’s love for your friends, family, significant other, business, or self July is packed with intense feelings.

Find out what the month has in store for your love life with the astrologer, Astro Sagas.


“This is love: love for your girlfriends, boyfriends and theyfriends, love for your boo thing, booty call, and partner. Love for your friends, co-workers, blood relatives and chosen family, and finally but not least of all your own self. Never forget who is number 1 honey.” – Astro Sagas


You are going to want to nest girl. There is a Solar Eclipse happening in your fourth house of roots, lineage, and bedroom setup, so get to work! The priority right now is you feeling grounded, secure, loved, and comfy in your home environment. There will be plenty of time to run around and get everything done— you do have the energy to pursue creative outlets and new romance at this time, but you won’t be in good spirit if you don’t get that home in order! So please—for the sake of the rest of us — do try to bring your best self to the table.

This eclipse also applies family and ancestors of course, as they all reside in your fourth house as well honey. If you haven’t talked to your mama soon, the siblings all riled up because you don’t answer the phone, and you missed the family reunion because you were out partying in the summer heat—now is the time to reconcile. It’s good for your heart.


If you’re really hot and bothered by the lack of appreciation being expressed by your loved ones, the first place to look for answers is in what you’re serving right now. You’ve got to realize that you are endlessly, magnificently, astoundingly surrounded by love in every single moment of your life. All you have to do is open your eyes and recognize it!

This is the month where you’re going to focus not on acts of love, not on gifts of love, and not on feelings of love: you’re going to work on words of love. For yourself. For the gracious abundance that has been given to you. For the lovely people, you share this slice of the planet with. And ultimately, for the gift of being itself. Learn to communicate how much you care to your loved ones this month and watch as that appreciation and love you’ve been craving comes right back to you. You know the saying already, I’m not going to repeat it.


Money, Money, Money girl. Money! Is it coming in, is it going out, does your new date have it, or are you trying to pay it back? You want to feel and look your best in order to impress and I have a feeling you may be dipping into the second credit card you said you’d save for when you go on trips to buy flashy things for the house and wardrobe. It’s fine, I’m not judging—who doesn’t like to feel fly?

But just remember—no faux mink fur jacket is going to effectively cover up the feeling of inadequacy seeping into your little heart right now. I know I called you out! And I’m not sorry! You can deal with it however you please, and I do love me some shopping therapy, but at the end of the day, you have to deal with your insecurity this month. Why would an endearingly beautiful Gemini such as yourself worry so much about whether the boo/date/partner/friend really loves you? Obviously, they do! But do you?


You’re the new moon baby this month Cancer. That Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the month is hitting your 1st house of self-confidence and charisma, and that lunar eclipse towards the end of the month will hit your 7th house of partnership and enemies. You going to feel it!

This will be an emphasis on what you’ve already been long term working on—taking on more responsibilities in relationships and figuring out what you can and cannot actually show up for. No matter how cute the date, how promising the career, or how much you want to take care of your parent right now, it won’t work out for you if you’re over-extending. Why are you trying to please everyone else except yourself? No really. Why though.


Ok here’s the thing: you’re going to have to take care of those you love this month, Leo. There’s a Solar Eclipse in your 12th house, followed by Venus also slipping through, while Mars is in your first house trying to stir up your drive. People in your life will need your fiery energy and big, loving heart in their lives this month as a source of support as they go through some difficulties.

Be the loving child that dotes on the mother: embrace your role as caretaker for the sick boo who needs the soup, or tend to your best friends heart as they go through another lame date. You’re going to have a lot of energy at your disposal with Mars in the 1st, and until the 27th when Venus moves into your sign, it’s your job to give that fiery and fierce love in service. 


It’s time to focus on your friendships. This whole month will be about you figuring out how to lean into your friendships and create more trust and intimacy, despite your tendency to over-analyze your own feelings out of existence. Literally, everyone else can see when you’re having a feel, so stop trying to be the guy who’s got it all together and learn to bring some more real into your world.

This will be a trifling month, as Mars is in your 12th house, which means your unconscious patterns will be on full display. How you really feel about your housemate, co-worker, and frenemy will be on full display right now, and it’s sure to cause some awkward now. Think blurting out exactly, “OMG, ew!” at the new fashion mullet your boo just got, or “accidentally” liking your ex’s new girlfriend’s picture at 2 am. Yeah. But, if you work on those friendships and start to let your people in more, then they’ll totally be able to support you while you try to figure out how to delete the notification.


I know I don’t need to say this to you twice Libra, but just remember that you need to play well with others this month. Your career sector is blowing up which tells me one thing: you are going to have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and power this month. The stars are definitely aligning in order to spell out B-O-S-S in the sky for you, so take it!

Say yes to stepping into more of the work you want to do this month. Say yes to a date with someone older and better established in your career who can help you move it along. Say yes to group projects and collaborations that will prove very fruitful in the long run. But do remember: you need to work in a team. Finding people who get what you’re putting down and want to be down for the ride is the key.


Why are you in this? Are you truly down for the ride? Can we roll deep or are you just playing?

These questions will come up this month—either with the boo, the partner, a new and very intense date, or the people you’re trying to build with. Your ambitions right now are going to stir up some feelings for those babes in your life who are depending on you to show up right. You may be distracted with the work things, the plans for success, moving plans, or the next business trip.

But ultimately, do remember that you’re building so you can share that success with those you love, so don’t alienate them now. Take the time to show you care: go on a trip together, get out of the city for the weekend, or go see the new exhibit at the museum. Take your mind, and their mind, off of the things.


Take a long hard look at how you show up in your relations, babe. I know you’re sometimes feeling like you are so fun, so engaging, so enlightening, and such a good friend that you cannot fathom why anyone would be mad at you about it. But the truth is, you spend a lot of time out and about bouncing from situation to situation, and those that would like to build with you are left waiting for the text back that never comes through.

You get distracted easily, babe! And while meeting new people, going on adventures, trying new food, and getting that tan is absolutely imperative to your mental and emotional well-being, you do have to recognize that you can’t count on friends who can’t count on you. The availability and support has to work both ways. So show up. Text back, offer support, reach out, and be mindful. You’ll rebuild some trust now so you have a shoulder to lean on later.


Oh, you are just the luckiest duck this month, Miss Capricorn thing. You have a solar eclipse and Venus in the 7th, and sexy Mars energy moving through the 8th. Have you been waiting for your dream babe in shining armor to roll through? Because the stars say YES girl. All you single Cappys should be strutting in style every time you leave the house this month, because if you don’t meet a new potential boo thing at the bar, then you’re sure to do it at the grocery store. Seriously.

This also means there’s a heavy focus on your relationship for you engaged and happily boo’d up Caps. You might be talking about moving in together, tying that proverbial knot, or going monogamous! I know right? Wild! Just make sure that if and when you do commit, you do it because you want the whole ass person in your life, not just what they bring to the table.


You know, I’m going to be honest with you because I love you. This won’t be a fun month. You’ve got a lot of cleaning and re-organizing to do this month in your relationships, and some pruning may be necessary in order to ensure some more growth in certain stagnant areas of your life. Take inventory of the people you are commiserating with on a daily basis. Are these relationships healthy? Do you feel seen, supported, spacious and free?

Remember that love should be liberating. There is no need to feel a great weight on your shoulders when thinking of a certain friend who is going through it and telling you about it every 2-3 hours between binge shows. There is no need for you to play nice for the coworker who can’t stand that you got a promotion and is constantly throwing shade. Say what you need to say. Make some space for your own self to grow. Do it with care, do it with kindness, and do it for yourself.


Time to take those dreams and make them a reality Pisces. I know you’re out here daydreaming about taking a trip with the boo to Japan to do a hot springs tour or starting a new line of crystal essences centered on heart recuperation. Whatever it is that you’ve been wishing and hoping would carry you out of the daily grind that’s gotten way too heavy now, I suggest you get on it and make it happen for yourself. Mars has definitely got your back on this one.

Do the work of learning to trust your own vision now, because you will be having some wildly creative times this month if you can learn to push past that classic Piscean anxiety about perfection. No, you don’t have to be the world’s best illustrator to start an Instagram about your sketches of cloud formations, and you don’t have the be the world’s best lover to deepen your relationship with the cute babe in your life. You just have to try.

Image Source: AstroSagas

Celia Sagastume, “AstroSagas,” is a first generation trans Latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master’s degree in social cognition and an astrology practice that’s been active for seven years, AstroSagas combines scientific inquiry, astrological intuition, and a dedication to de-colonizing the mind.

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