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Outdoor Adventures To The Benefits of Fresh Lemon—Here Are Summer Hacks To Get Behind

Warm weather, long days, vacation time, and BBQs—summertime is here! Fill the season with experiences, recipes, and routines that will leave you with healthy, happy memories. We’ve pulled together a few health hacks to make the summer of 2019 the must revitalizing yet!


Host a sparkling water + fresh lemon juice + fresh mint drink stand.

  • Lemons are packed with vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid
  • Lemons improve heart health, weight loss, and hydration
  • Mint is rich in nutrients, vitamin A, and flavor
  • Mint improves digestion, breath, and brain function
  • Bring your neighborhood together over a hydrating and effervescent beverage

Start an early morning routine.

  • Set an alarm and start your day outdoors—go for sunrise walks, runs, or meditation sessions
  • Getting up early improves your concentration and productivity throughout the day
  • Spending the first moments of your day alone allows for introspective thinking, goal setting, and reflection
  • Set yourself up for success by journaling or outlining your top 3 priorities of the day

Get outdoors!

  • Reduce stress, boost energy, improve memory and more
  • Nature increases happiness, health, and overall appreciation for life
  • Time spent outdoors reduces blood pressure and heart rate while promoting feels of calm and relaxation
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood, plan a day hike or beach trip to reap the rejuvenating benefits of nature

Utilize seasonal produce.

  • Fresh produce is one of best parts of the summer season
  • Shop your local farmers market and meal prep with vegetable-based menus
  • Make healthy eating social with interactive dinner parties and cooking competitions
  • Plant your own potted herb garden for fresh basil, mint, and lavender at your fingertips

Slevin Shannan

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