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Power Through Your Day With A Gripping Crime Podcast

Whether you’re boarding a plane or buckling in for a day at the office, podcasts are an intimate and informative way to engage in storytelling. As a mother-of-two, I haven’t had a ton of time to support vices but in recent weeks, my easy listening of stand-up comedy has been replaced with a darker and more gripping addiction: crime podcasts.

I was a live Serial listener when the podcast aired in 2014 and my boyfriend and I would lay in bed listening to each captivating episode, wondering if we should drive up to Baltimore to investigate for ourselves. Once the series ended, however, so did my enthrallment with podcasts…until now.

I find myself ignoring texts, dreading upcoming conference calls and walking slowly home in order to finish the latest episode.

Here is a rundown of the most gripping crime podcasts to get you through a busy workday.

1. Culpable

This podcast follows the investigation into the apparent suicide of Christian Andreacchio. The tragic death of this young man is shrouded in lies from the witnesses, the community, and law enforcement. Is it a simple case of death by self-inflicted gunshot wound? Or a more complicated cover-up involving a group of morally-depleted characters who murdered their friend? You know what they say: follow the money.

2. To Live And Die In LA

To Live And Die In LA follows the murder of aspiring starlet, Adea Shabani. What makes this podcast so gripping is the fact that it’s recorded in real-time. Reporter Neil Strauss takes listeners on his investigative journey and compells them to continue by including his own heart-heavy moments as new evidence comes to light. This story is full of surprising twists, intense moments and impactful emotion.

3. Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic

In the first 60 seconds of this podcast, you’ll experience confusion, check to see if it is indeed a crime podcast you’re listening to and crack a smile knowing that a sure-to-be entertaining story is ahead. This season of Over My Dead Body tells the story of an ongoing feud between two rivals in the exotic animal and animal rights communities. Not only is the growing rage in this wildly gripping ongoing dispute becoming more and more lethal, but the shocking tales of abuse, missing persons and death along the way are enough to have you reconsider your own stability.

4. Dirty John

If you haven’t seen the Netflix show yet, listen to the podcast first. This podcast juxtaposes the idyllic Orange County lifestyle of waterfront mansions and dollar-driven smiles with the lure of the perfect online dating profile crafted by a successful sociopath. Debra Newell, a wealthy mother and business owner is manipulated by a professional liar, thief and attempted murderer who does whatever he can to turn her against her family. This story explores psychological manipulation that nurtures a killer you never could have expected.

5. Dr. Death

I can assure you that the title of this podcast is exactly what you think it is. Dr. Death is a tale of perseverance meets murder and covers the case of Dr. Christopher Duntsch who intentionally mutilates and maims his patients. What’s gripping about this story is that one after the next, Dr. Death is permitted by hospitals and protocol to injure, and at times, legally kill, his patients.

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