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Real or Instagram: Yoga Pose(r)s

Instagram is saturated in rose-gold illusions of peace, love and spirituality. From inspirational quotes (#blessed) to exaggerated, over-the-top public declarations of love, the filtered photo collages are how we market our happiness to the world.


A friend of mine is a yoga instructor, one of many on-trend millennials who has completed her 200-hour yoga training in order to travel the world and find the light in others. It wasn’t until I traveled to Thailand with her that I realized that even the most professed spiritual guides of Instagram, credited mostly by high follower counts, could be fakes. She asked me to take a video of her attempting handstands on the beach, and then she would screenshot herself at the peak of the pose and post it when it was early morning in California in order to get more likes. WTF.


It had never crossed my mind that people would actually take the time to fake being successful. But why not? That’s what social media is for: showing the best parts of your life, even if it’s a nanosecond of perfection, screenshotted and posted with self-promotion in mind. There is a possibility of redemption however, in a considerate, inspiring caption that encourages self-love, peace, and meditation.

Yoga Journal has more on how to weed through the beautifully staged images and find wisdom and cause in the messages from the most inspiring yogis on the ‘gram.

Want to try some of the tricky poses yourself? INSIDER gave IG favorites their best attempt.

By the way, my friend is currently traveling through India spreading light and love to others through her volunteer work with children… just kidding! She still lives in San Francisco, works in tech sales, and hasn’t taught yoga in over 2 years. Namaste y’all!


Anna Fecskes

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