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Save Your Sunnies With This Trendy Accessory

True story: My husband and I were talking the other day, and he couldn’t find his sunglasses. Jokingly, I commented, “Oh my god, you probably would love those dorky sunglass lanyards!” And with that, Pandora’s box opened.


I quickly started to spiral as I imagined the sunglass lanyard leading to a purchase of khaki cargo shorts, then a khaki murderer dad jacket, then crocs! After a few fake smiles and nods in response to next steps on purchasing, I resigned myself to the idea of being a trophy wife from here on out as the only well-dressed person in the relationship.


Until…I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw none other than, @weworewhat repping these sunglass chains (as I learned they are called) on her trip to the Hamptons!


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Now I definitely need them, and so do you! Accessories add so much to an outfit so add this one to your jewelry box and never lose your sunnies again. #BLINKBLING


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Do you rock ’em? If so, let’s bring this trend back to the top. #FashionGoals

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