Family, Parenting / October 3, 2019

Should Children’s Clothing Be Gender Neutral?

How you feel about gendered clothing for little boys are girls? Until the 1970s, little girls were expected to wear and play in dresses. They were banned from wearing trousers or jeans to school.

Some argue that gendered clothing reinforces ideas that little girls have to be feminine and pretty. While clothing for little boys depicts strength and toughness. It has also been said that traditional girls clothing like dresses allow for less play.

Many mums have discovered that clothing for little girls fit tighter, are shorter, more low cut or cinched at the waist, which arguably sexualizes children. That said, it is interesting to see how clothing for little girls has changed over the years.

From white frocks that portrayed “innocence” to brand-sponsored clothing that emulate kid influencers.

Do you think children’s clothing should be gender neutral?

Linnea Moran

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