Exercise, Funny / October 22, 2019

SNL Taps It Back In This Hilarious SoulCycle Sketch

In 2014, I rode in the back row of my very first SoulCycle class. The instructor told me that I was powerful, that I could leave all of my worries and anxieties from the past week behind and ride as hard and as fast as I could to beat of core-shattering music. The candlelit studio freed me of my vulnerability and as I closed my eyes and set new intentions for my life, I was completely inspired by the energy and determination of the riders around me.

I know how completely annoying and insane SoulCycle addicts seem but it’s a new form of energetic connection, physical output and meditation that makes me feel completely happy. Once you join this enthusiastic community, you find that for 45 minutes, you’re a part of something.

At the same time, to outsiders, it seems like an extremely costly way to get fit and the grunts, uplifting commentary and cult-like following are comical. SNL did a totally accurate and hilariously honest interpretation of what it’s like to ride at Soul.

Linnea Moran

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