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Sony Picture’s ‘Hair Love’ Short Promotes Positive Message On Father-Daughter Bonding

I grew up having my mother braid my hair. As soon as my locks became long enough, my mother went on a full-on shopping spree to buy hair bands in every color and every hair clip of every kind of decor. At one point she was even creating hand-made headbands for me. 

I remember waking up early on a school day, getting dressed, and waiting for my mother in the bathroom while standing in front of a mirror with my little feet on the stool. When my mom came in, she’d ask me what I hairstyle I felt like having that day. 

“Half up, half down,” I’d say, or “pigtails.” And on occasion: “Make it crazy!”

So naturally when I came across Sony Picture Animations’ new film short titled “Hair Love” on YouTube, it brought me back to my childhood, except with a slightly different context. 

“Hair Love” follows the story of a young African American father who learns to do his daughter’s hair for the very first time. Both him and his daughter are in a time where the mother is absent (for reasons later explained), and it’s up to him to battle his fear of hairdo failure. It’s an honest, heartfelt story telling fathers that they, too, can do things mothers do, and that curly hair may be hard to manage, but just needs “a whole lot of love.”

“Hair Love” debuted on YouTube on December 5 and has since garnered over 4 million views and critical acclaim. It is produced by former NFL player Matthew Cherry, who wanted to challenge and inspire dads around the world to be more active in father-daughter bonding.

Check out the full short film below (and have tissues ready!).

Linnea Moran

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