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Storytime: 5 Strangers That Will Remind You Of Why You Have Boundaries

Many people struggle with social anxiety and for those people, one of the worst things that can happen is a very awkward encounter with a stranger. For those of us who don’t suffer from a social anxiety disorder, we still know what it is like to be in a situation where a stranger takes a seemingly normal everyday scenario to incredibly uncomfortable.

We are not just talking about having a smell an armpit on a packed train here (though that is awful), more creepy interactions that are the reasons why enabling your location tracking on your cellphone for friends and family to see exists. Here are some of the most bizarre examples on Youtube. Stay safe out there, please have boundaries and beware of creeps.

Stalker Uber Drivers

When your 7th-grade principal is, unfortunately, a creep.

When your Dominos delivery driver hijacks your phone number and asks you to have a threesome

Always, always confirm that the ride is actually for you and ask to see your picture on the app if you’re not sure

When your college roommate poisons you

Linnea Moran

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