Life / September 24, 2019

#TechTuesday | WeWalk Smart Cane For The Blind

The canes that you see blind people use are typically called “white canes.” Now, like many other everyday tools, they are evolving into smart canes.

WeWalk is a cane for the blind that uses ultrasonic sensors and vibrations in the handle to warn the user of things in their path. But get this: it detects objects above chest height as well!

Now the user can walk with more confidence, knowing that there won’t be any surprises that a typical cane wouldn’t feel. With Google Maps integration, WeWalk canes let the user know about nearby businesses and sites around town. It can also pair with an app so the user can operate their phone right from the cane. 

Accessibility, mobility, and ease of communication are things many of us take for granted. It’s wonderful to see companies creating helpful things who might not have use of all five senses.



Steve Reddell

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