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The 411 On DIY Face Masks

Sheet masks, mud masks, 3D printed masks–points is, there are a lot of masks on the market but what’s the big idea? Why add one extra step to your skincare routine?

Everyone remembers that scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman slowly peels off his face mask. Never has a face mask had such a major, and grotesque, moment in pop culture.

Capitalist sociopath aside, face masks can be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. Think of them as the damage control agents of the skin care world. Say you have an event tomorrow, and your skin is flaring up with unsightly bumps or blemishes, there is a face mask for that.

Acne, dullness, dryness and even tired skin, can be remedied by a mask. They provide 10 minutes of self care and a good chance to treat yourself.

Here is a list of DIY face masks needed to solve all of your last-minute skincare problems.

First, here is the history of 100 years of face masks. Brace yourself, some of it involves frozen meat.

Next, here are some masks that you can easily try at home.

DIY Aztec Clay Face Mask for Breakouts

3-D Face Mask Customized Just For You

Dr. Jart Masks for Firming and Moisturizing 

Charcoal Sheet Masks For Balancing and Shrinking Pores

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