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The Best Exercise System For Your Personality

Are you looking for new exercise inspiration for the summer? We’ve pulled a list of top fitness trends that align with and support various personality types. Take your health into your own hands and find a workout that best suits your characteristics and mood.

Running, cycling, and swimming tend to be an introvert’s exercise dream. These solo activities provide cardio while creating space for solitude and reflection.

Zumba, Bootcamp, and spinning are great exercises for social butterflies. Be social, while gaining motivation from the group for the optimal caloric burn!

Pilates, Bar Method, Bikram Yoga are methodical in nature and tend to challenge perfectionists, system loving, and detail-oriented personalities.

The Class, Showga, and Restorative Yoga all cultivate emotional, spiritual, and psychological transformation. They are great systems for fluid, creative, and sensitive personalities who seek high vibration experiences.

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Slevin Shannan

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