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The Danger Of Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are becoming increasingly over-the-top in an effort to spark a more dramatic reaction to the 50/50 chance of your baby being a boy or girl. Biting into a pink or blue cake doesn’t cut it anymore and Instagram-savvy, attention-seeking and hopefully, overjoyed parents have to level up finding out their baby’s gender.


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I opted out of doing gender reveal parties when I was pregnant. I wanted the moment to between my husband and I (and our doctor) as part of our journey in becoming parents. A gender reveal party felt like it would be opening the most amazing present of my life in front of tons of people and having to make sure my reaction was worthy of having thrown a party for myself.


Unfortunately, because gender reveal parties have become so popular, people are going to the extreme and in some cases, risking their own lives right before they become parents. Smart. Last year, a couple in Arizona caused a forest fire, burning down 45,000+ acres after they shot a target that exploded into flames. I guess they were getting all of their big mistakes out of their system before the baby arrived.


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In Australia, it’s popular to drift and have the car burn out clouds of pink or blue smoke to reveal the gender. A few weeks ago, a couple tried this stunt and the car burst into flames. Wouldn’t recommend.

If you feel the need to share this big moment with the people you love, try to be safe, make it about your baby and your growing family, and don’t try to outshine the people jumping out of airplanes to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

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