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The French Approach To Dating: Style, Attitude And PDA

Dating. Ugh. It’s not easy. It’s a tedious, frustrating and at times, creepy pursuit that for the diligent, persistent and lucky turns into true love. Dating practices vary around the world based on cultural priorities of independence, sexuality and romance.

Josephine De La Baume and another woman shot in black and white, posing on a lake in swimsuits
Photo – Josephine De La Baume

A 6-hour flight from here is a city twinkling with amour, whose canals glimmer with a lasting kiss and whose streetlights know the truths of secret love affairs. It’s Paris.

The French have dating down to a science. They are known for palatable romanticism, passionate public displays of affection and bold sexuality.

British personality, Alexa Chung meets with French actress, Josephine De La Baume to discuss the differences between French and British dating. Follow these tips and you’re bound to find a partner.

Paris is the city of love after all, no?

Linnea Moran

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