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The Most Affordable Cities In America

When I consider my credit card debt, student loans, childcare costs, rent, food and living a YOLO lifestyle, adult-like accomplishments of homeownership, international travel and retirement at 65 seem impossible. I left San Francisco 5 years ago for a life in Washington, DC and found that while the city is not “cheap” by any means, you definitely get more bang for your buck. Our apartment buildings have had rooftop pools, doormen, gyms, a dry cleaner, and markets which would be well out of our price range in SF.


The reality is that I can never move back to the Bay unless I want to downgrade my lifestyle. Now that I’ve broken out of my childhood bubble and lived in another city, I see how much opportunity is out there and just how great life can be when you live in a more affordable place.  Check out this list from Home Snacks of the cheapest cities in America and see if Indiana is in your future.

Linnea Moran

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