Family, For Moms, Funny / October 1, 2019

The Most Hilariously Epic Mom Fails On Instagram

Lord knows you try to be a good parent. You feed your kids organic food, you buy non-toxic products, you cover them in SPF when they go outside and you’ve spent hours researching whether fluoride toothpaste is okay for your children.

As much as you try to be the perfect parent, you are a mere mortal and sometimes the rigors of parenting get to you. You are a little late to pick-up, your kids get a little too much screen-time one day or you bribe them with sweets to do a chore.

During these times, you beat yourself up. Here’s a gentle reminder: you are a fantastic mum, your kids are loved and feel loved, and they are lucky to have a mum like you.

These memes will make you realize that you are not alone.


Linnea Moran

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