Experiences, Family / June 7, 2019

The Only Way I’ll Ever Take My Kids To Disney

I’ll start by saying that taking my children to Disney World sounds like hell. Straight up. Why would anyone ever want to go somewhere on a “vacation” if the conditions are as follows:

  1. Long lines
  2. Exorbitant meals
  3. Hot sun beating down on you
  4. Large groups of children yelling and/or crying

Oh wait, and I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to get in.

I’m all about BALLING OUT but not if it’s for a miserable experience. Luckily, Trip Savvy has everything you need to know on how to book at VIP experience at Disney World. Instead of buying a season pass, make a kick-ass memory that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives by having one incredible day.


Need more convincing? The Johnsons took the VIP tour on this episode of Black-ish.


Anna Fecskes

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