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The Power Turtlenecks You Need

Shiv Roy of HBO’s hit drama, Succession is the ultimate bad b*tch of the board room. Her style packs the ultimate power punch she needs to fight her way to becoming the next CEO of her family’s media conglomerate.

The character of Shiv, played by Sarah Snook, is often pictured in this fall’s staple item: the power turtleneck.

Don’t show all your cards. In fact, don’t show any cards. Be ruthless. Be fierce. Keep calm, cool and cunning with the power of the turtleneck.

Shop the lewk here.

The Classic

Woman in black turtleneck with sunglasses on

A classic, black long-sleeve screams, “take me seriously!” and in true, Steve Jobs fashion, is a signifier of people who are ready to roll up their cashmere sleeves and get to work.

The Ribbed

Woman in white ribbed turtleneck

Level up your look with a high-quality, ribbed sweater in ivory to suggest that while you’re open to discussing options, you’re the ultimate decision maker.

The Bodysuit

Woman in sleeveless turtleneck

Be bold and let your confidence shine in a look that takes your power vibes from day to night with this metallic, sleeveless turtleneck bodysuit.

The Short-Sleeve

Woman wearing short sleeve turtleneck with jeans

If you’re not quite ready to boss people around, opt for a more approachable look with a short-sleeve, relaxed option that can transition your look from week day to weekend.

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