Beauty / July 17, 2019

The Techs Behind The Glow Up: Celeb Nail Artists

It never crossed my mind to ball out with my nail game until it did. I was at Coachella and had the opportunity to get my nails styled by none-other-than celebrity nail artist, Britney Tokyo. The experience was about two hours and was like no other full set that I have ever gotten.


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When she asked me what I wanted, I realized the possibilities were endless. At the time I was 100% Illuminati vibes all day everyday day so I got pyramids, eyes, gold, and even opal stones on my nails! Straight up magic. While this experience was a first for me, it’s how your fave Daily Mail subjects get pampered on the regular.


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Here’s who you need to hit up for celeb nail vibes. Track the #nailart hashtag on Instagram and discover cool styles to bring to your local nail tech. If you’re a #GlamMom like me and you have trouble with coffin nails + car seats, all you need is this life-changing invention so Grandma doesn’t have to get the kids out of the car. #Okurrrrrrrrrr


Let me know how you feel about nail art or show us how you shine in the comments below! #NailSwag

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