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These Exercises Will Help You Get More Romp In The Sack!

People don’t talk about this enough but sex requires strength, flexibility and agility.

Even missionary (the most standard and arguably the easiest) sex position, requires a degree of stamina or a lot of out of breathe panting can ensue. You can’t attempt interesting positions like the G-Whiz or Pretzel Dip (look it up) if your hamstring just won’t do that.

How do you make sure that you are getting the most out of your sexy times? Did you know that there are exercises that can help you go from ‘meh’ to the best sex you’ve ever had? Watch and take notes. Then try them all and use some CBD and healing crystals to level up life in the bedroom.

Get your core together

You too can be a human pretzel

How to not be out of breath during cowgirl

Don’t forget about the pelvis

Linnea Moran

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