All About You, Inspiration, Self Care / October 24, 2019

Thursday Thoughts | Feeding Your Soul With Music

Chaos is all around us. For some it starts with a tiny human alarm clock, and for other it starts the minute we step out of our front doors and jump into our commute. Whether it’s navigating the hectic rush hour traffic or pushing past people to make it into the train car, our first interactions with the world each day are anything but peaceful.

In order to declutter our minds and focus on our goals for the day, we must clear off our spiritual workspace. You can start by letting go of anxieties and frustrations of yesterday and outlining the tools you need to find success today.

One of the best ways to drown out distractions and set the tone for your day is through music. Pop in your headphones and put on music to balance out the weight of the work in front of you.

Powering through to today’s deadline? Try something with heavy bass that makes you feel like you’re heading in to battle.

Getting organized and clearing out clutter? Try something relaxing, soulful and soft to complement a productive work day.

Pumped up on a passion project? Listen to whatever makes your heart happy and don’t be afraid to dance in your seat.


Linnea Moran

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