Inspiration / October 3, 2019

Thursday Thoughts | Knowing Your Own Strength

It can be hard at times to stand up for yourself, especially at work. The career camaraderie among men is forged in the makeup of their DNA. They are naturally inclined to support one another in their career paths and more easily foster mentor-mentee relationships at work.

For women, it’s much harder and we have to continue to make an effort to lift each other up if we want to find equality with our male counterparts.

  • Ask for what you deserve and don’t compromise your value. You know what they say: family first!
  • Use your commute as a time to learn more about your craft, how others are finding success and how to manage workplace challenges.
  • If you’re miserable by 5 o’clock, it may be time to quit your boss. Here are the tell-tale signs on when to depart from a difficult leader.

Linnea Moran

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