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Trying to Find Time to Read? Here’s How

I, like many other millennials, spend way too much time on my phone and laptop, and not enough on the simple pleasures of reading. I’m no book nerd like Bill Gates (who apparently reads as many as 50 books a year), but I aspire to be one, and am trying very hard to. I’ve picked up Michelle Obama’s autobiography Becoming and aim to finish the book by the end of the summer, but knowing myself, I will most likely not achieve that goal.

So what’s stopping me? My laziness? My lack of time? I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m tired of being that person who picks up new books and never finishes them.

I came across Jay Shetty’s video on how to get through one book a day, but the general takeaway message is more than just trying to finish a book every single day. I truly want to revive my genuine love for reading – to enjoy discovering new ideas and feel an authentic connection to the thoughts of characters or writers I’m following. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a book to complete an assignment, you know?

Anyway, if you find yourself in the same boat that I’m in, you can attempt a jump start back into your regular reading routine by watching Jay’s 10-minute pep talk. You’ll be back into reading mode in no time.


Linnea Moran

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