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Tuesday Thoughts | Embracing The Journey

Life is patterned with warm and fulfilling moments, impactful and informative challenges and overwhelming and piercing sadness. We traverse through its peaks and valleys with the people we love most, with people we’ve never met and at times, completely alone.

In many cases, we cannot see that darkness is lurking right around the corner. It snatches us up in an instant and we are forced in that exact moment to pause and re-prioritize what is truly important in our lives.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are reminded to take care of ourselves as women, not only during this 31 days, but on a consistent basis in our lives. The best way that we can act in self-love is to take action and not let the busy chaos of life distract us from our opportunity to thrive.

Knowing your family history, understanding the risk factors and monthly self-exams are key to reducing your risk of breast cancer but for some, it is a disease that cannot be avoided.

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts has an inspiring story as a breast cancer warrior and discusses in her book, Everybody’s Got Something, how her time in the darkness has impacted her journey in the light.

Linnea Moran

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