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Tuesday Thoughts | Knowing Your Value

It’s easy to advise the people we love on how to navigate the, at times, rocky road of life. We want the best for the people around us and those feelings are often served through idealistic and warm counseling, considerate of the value we hold for those we are helping.

It takes major guts to take the same risks we advise to others: quitting your job, ending a marriage, pursuing a dream. Life will always show us reasons to say no but we have to remind each other of the one and most important reason to say yes.

  • There are so many rags-to-riches stories and stories of people risking it all to pursue their dreams, start a business and take control of their careers. Start here.
  • Love will not find you sitting on your couch. Take chances and use the resources that exist to help you find a partner.
  • Remember to treat yourself with the same consideration that you treat others. You are worth it.



Linnea Moran

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