Daily Dose of Sublime, Inspiration / November 5, 2019

Tuesday Thoughts | Acting On Your Beliefs Is The Only Way To Create Change

Warsan Shire’s poem, “The House” explores the access, the invasion, the lack of privacy and the impact that men can have on women using the idea of a house as a metaphor for a woman’s body. However if you take this idea and look at it with broader perspective, there are many people who come at us with hammers throughout our lives.

As a society, we have taken to creating a hashtag, #MeToo in order to create a safe and communal conversation around women’s rights, sexual harassment, respect and justice. While this created buzz around the issue and served to identify high profile predators in the media, a lot of our stories got lost in a chain of thousands of #MeToo posts on social media and were carried no further.

As friends, parents, and neighbors, it’s our responsibility to act on what we’ve learned and take those stories from a tiny screen and use them as examples in order to promote tolerance, respect and understanding in our homes, workplaces and communities.

Let’s give our sons and our daughters the tools they need to get the keys to all of the houses they’ll encounter in life. Leading by example is the first step.

Here is the full poem, “The House” read by Warsan Shire, herself.

Linnea Moran

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