Beauty / September 23, 2019

Want To Know How Ashley Graham And Demi Moore Keep Their Skin Glowing?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what fountain of youth creams famous celebrities like Demi Moore are smearing on their faces that’s causing them to age like backward like Benjamin Button, here’s your chance.

Harper’s Bazaar has a new Youtube series that will satisfy your curiosity. It’s called Go to bed with me and each episode, you get to watch a famous celeb spill the tea on products their Hollywood aestheticians recommend.

You’ll also learn about all sorts of skincare gadgets that you didn’t know you needed, like an exfoliating brush and a face steamer from goddesses like Serena Williams. In fact, we dare you to watch these videos without modifying your own routine.

DeWanda Wise is a product junkie
In this nighttime routine, She’s Got To Have It Actress, Dewanda Wise validates every impulse we have to buy jade rollers and all the latest trending beauty tools.

Demi Moore schools us on anti-aging
Demi Moore is 56, not that you can tell from looking at her face. Her secret: less is more. Stay tuned for the details.

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski will inspire you to craft a routine for your guy
We say ‘yes’ to men practicing self-care! This nighttime routine will have you adding a few extra serums and creams to your guy’s wash bag.

Model, Ashley Graham Shares Her Favorite Eye Cream
If you’ve always been unsure about eye cream–how to use it, when to use it and if you even need it, Ashley Graham’s got the answers.

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