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Wednesday Wisdom | The Effort Of Friendship

I feel fortunate to have grown up in the same town with the same friends who most recently stood by my side as bridesmaids in my wedding. While I have a blanket of support woven from more than 20-year-long friendships with my BFFs who are scattered around the country, it can be challenging to make new friends as an adult and even more challenging as a mom.

I’ve joined mom groups and tried maintaining friendships with newer, non-parent friends but all of my attempts fall flat, primarily for the same reason: laziness. I’m perpetually lazy when it comes to reaching out, making plans and I have a hard time finding the energy to forge new friendships after 40+ hour work weeks, 30+ hour parenting weeks and a half-hour of “me time”.

Keepin’ it 100% real here when I say that by the time I’m done with work and my kids are in bed, the only person that I really want to hang out with is my husband. He’s my best friend who I barely get to hang out with anymore so when I do have time and energy, when I want to cry laughing or enjoy a comforting glass of wine and make plans for the future, I want to do it with him.

I’ve come to accept (for now) that “mom friends” are not really my thing and that it’s ok to spend the precious time that I have in this life with exactly who I want to be with: my family.

How do you feel about making mom friends? Who adds the most value to your life?


Linnea Moran

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