Inspiration / October 23, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom | The Language Of Love

LOVE! We all want love. We want to give love and we want to feel loved and while it sounds so simple, there are many layers to the specific kind of love we are seeking. I’ve found that after 10 years of being in a relationship with the same person, our love has grown and changed in response to life moments that I couldn’t have anticipated.

In parenthood the balance is always shifting. It seems like right when we figure everything out (commuting schedules, drop-off schedules, travel schedules, childcare, meal prep, cleaning and laundry) the season’s change, school is out for two weeks, someone gets sick, and the trains go under construction.

Through all of these incessant changes we find each other again and are able to reconnect and reset. Knowing our love languages has helped us to build a solid foundation on which our success as a family is built.

We don’t get a lot of time on this earth but we do get the opportunity to spend it how we’d like. Take the time to learn about your own love language and how you can better communicate love to your partner.

Linnea Moran

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