Food, Sports / September 3, 2019

Week 1: Impress Your Husband With Bomb Game Day Snacks

Football season is here! It’s time to dust off your jerseys and block off Sundays for the red zone. I was a huge sports fan growing up but once I started really grinding through my professional career, I found that listening to sportscaster banter and whistleblowing refs was anything but relaxing after a long day.

I’ve resigned to the reality TV version of football as a fan of HBO’s Hard Knocks and Amazon’s All or Nothing and I want to create a family tradition around Sunday football, starting in the kitchen.

In my house, we wear Cowboys blue and this year, I’m finally going to step up to plate and cook tasty game day snacks for the 4 o’clock games. My hope is that an afternoon that has been historically dedicated to football can now become an afternoon hang out for the whole family.

Check out these easy-to-follow recipes to dominate the red zone the kitchen.

Linnea Moran


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