All About You, Self Care / November 12, 2019

What Exactly Is Vagina Steaming?

The wellness market is taking over and changing the way we think of our health and well-being. A few years ago, owning a water bottle with healing crystals at the bottom would have guaranteed some skeptical looks from friends, family, and strangers, but now, people will probably ask you where you got it.

Things have definitely changed from the days when Gywneth Paltrow was recommending we insert a yoni egg into our vaginas, while the whole world laughed at the insanity of it all. Little did we know that it was only the beginning of the wellness revolution.

We’ve been jade rolling our skin to perfection and getting CBD massages, but how can we take our wellness routines to the next level? By steaming the cooch.

Before you say, that seems like a recipe for a yeast infection, consider the fact that cultures in Africa and South America have been practicing steaming for centuries to help the vagina and uterus recover after childbirth.

Does vagina steaming actually work? While, there is no scientific evidence at the moment and doctors aren’t crazy about it women have mentioned that it has helped them with tightening their pelvic floor, bloating, and cramps.

If you want to try it at home, here is a guide:

This video utilizes a steaming seat.

This video transforms regular household items into yoni steam-worthy equipment.

If you want to go to a spa like the ladies in this video, that’s an option too!

Happy Steaming!

Linnea Moran

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