Inspiration, Life / June 11, 2019

What if the Universe Always Acted in Your Favor?

“Who doesn’t want to receive the little nuggets of goodness from life every day?”

Let’s talk perspective. Perhaps handling not one but two teenagers has been stressing you out lately, or that you’ve got a perpetual working schedule that’s been draining you. But have you ever stopped to appreciate some of the given things – for example, the fact that you had a great tasting sandwich for lunch? Or that the weather was beautiful today? Or that you caught a great throwback song on the radio during your commute? What if you convinced yourself the universe acted in your favor, whether it was something great or something bad?

Vivian Wang

Vivian is New York City-based content writer focusing on lifestyle, travel, and culture. She thrives on a diet of Spotify, traveling, and homemade pasta.

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