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What Should I Name My Baby?

Coming up with a name for your child is no easy feat. After all, they will have that name for the rest of their lives. No pressure. Parents always try to make sure their children are equipped for life and are not at a disadvantage, and a name factors into all of this.

We all know of the unfortunate amount of bullying that can happen on the playground when other kids decide your name sounds funny enough to make fun of. Though we get a sense that “name bullying” on the playground is almost inevitable even if your name is John or Mary. Kids seem to love having a laugh at the expense of one another. 

Then there are all the mispronunciations based on accents, and let’s be honest, just general laziness. Those of us with more “ethnic” sounding names know of the dreaded “name announcement” during events like graduation. That said, if you are completely unsure of what to name your child, this is guide you in the right direction.

Linnea Moran

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