Daily Dose of Sublime / February 29, 2020

What’s It Like Being a Leap Year Baby?

It’s certainly not normal for one to have a birthday that does not exist on the annual calendar. Out of the 365 days a year, February 29th is the most controversial birthdates of all. Luckily for 2020, February 29th does exist. But what is it like for the other years where it doesn’t?

Uncommon circumstances like these lead us to some of the world’s most puzzling questions. How do leap year babies celebrate their birthdays? Do they consider their birthdays in March as an alternative? Are birthdays especially a bigger deal whenever there is a February 29th? How do leap year birthdays work on government issued IDs?

If these are some questions on your mind, you’re in luck. Vox’s Michelle Hackman interviews several individuals born on February 29th to share with you all the must-know essentials about Leap Year.

Is your child born on Leap Year? If so, how do you celebrate their birthdays?


Linnea Moran

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