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Why Adoption Was Right For Country Star Thomas Rhett

There are many ways to become a parent. While most people dream of creating children the old-fashioned way, for some it’s just not possible. Many couples struggle with difficulties to conceive naturally and while modern science has allowed for alternative options, they aren’t easy.

Lauren Akins kissing daughter on a glacier in sweaters
Photo – Lauren Akins

The path to conception with IVF is mentally, physically and emotionally hard for women and with constant monitoring of your body, it is also a constant reminder that you’re not yet pregnant. Others open their hearts to babies and children who need a loving home and opt to adopt.

For country singer, Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, adoption was a consideration but became a reality for the couple much sooner than they had planned. With a younger biological daughter and another baby on the way, their road to parenthood is unique. This is their story.


Linnea Moran

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