Career, Family / September 25, 2019

Why We Should Be Talking About Paid Family Leave

By now, you’ve probably heard this fact, the United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t offer paid parental leave. Since there is no federal law that mandates paid leave for parents with newborns, private companies in the US can determine the amount of time their employees are able to take off and how much of their earnings they receive during this time.

Some companies offer their higher level corporate employees up to 3 months off at 60% of their pay, but for everyone else, nothing is guaranteed. What this often means is that women sometimes have to return to work only days after a C-section or risk losing a significant amount of their income.

In fact, one in four women in the US return to work just 10 days after giving birth.

Before she dropped out of the presidential race, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand put paid family leave at the forefront of her political campaign. Her proposal would allow every person working in the US up to 3 months of paid leave whether they are new parents or caring for a loved one.

Though Gillibrand is no longer in the race, her bill is still incredibly important considering that even 3 months pales in comparison to what most nations offer to women.

At the moment, the US offers absolutely nothing to new mothers and the video investigates the reason behind it.

Linnea Moran


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