Career / October 22, 2019

Your Favorite Companies Are Founded By Women

In honor of National Business Women’s Week, we’d like to highlight women-founded startups that are doing more than knocking it out of the park. These founders are #ladybosses in all their glory. They are disrupting their industries and expanding what it means to be an entrepreneur.

If you need a healthy dose of inspiration, these badass women will leave you feeling plenty inspired and ready to take on your own dreams.


You may never have heard of Lisa Dyson or her start-up, Kiverdi but what the company plans to accomplish is revolutionary. Kiverdi plants to make food out of air. Yes, you are reading that right. With the world’s population growing and the impact of consumption on climate change, Kiverdi might save millions of people. Watch her TED Talk to see how Kiverdi is creating the food of the future.


If you have ever tried to do lightweight graphic design without the headache of dealing with Adobe Creative Suite, then you know Canva. Under the leadership of its founder Melanie Perkins, Canva is making graphic design so much more accessible. Canva was recently valued at $4.7 Billion dollars.


Did you know that your favorite exercise class finding app was founded by a woman? Payal Kadakia started ClassPass out of her love for various dance practices. In this video, she talks about the moment she decided to strike out on her own as an enterpreneur.


SoulCycle was founded by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, two women who couldn’t find the right exercise class for them and as a result, they’ve created a revolution that is a part of our cultural lexicon. This new form of fit-meditation has formed a cult following, so much so that there is an SNL sketch about it.

The Wing

If you’re a freelancer who has never heard of the Wing, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite work space. The Wing is a members-only, women-focused work space that began in NYC. Beyond just a place to work, it offers beautiful, creative spaces, continued education and supportive networking opportunities. Its Founder Audrey Gelman is currently on the October issue of Inc. magazine at 6 months pregnant discussing the recent venture capital raise of  $117.5 million.

Linnea Moran


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