Shopping / September 26, 2019

Would You Buy A $10k Hermés HandBag?

Would you buy a bag for 20K, if so, how about 100,ooo?

Did you know that the unboxing of a Hermés handbag is one of the most viewed videos on Youtube? It’s wild how much Hermés Birkin bags go for on the market.

The handbag on this luxury retail site Moda Operandi, retails for about $150K and what’s wilder is that it isn’t the most expensive Hermes Birkin handbag ever sold.

In December 2018, a Himalaya Birkin bag with 18-karat gold buckles and strap loops encrusted in over 200 diamonds sold for $380,000 at a Christie auction house.

purse closet with neon sign
Kris Jenner’s Birkin Closet

As the world experiences global income inequality, it’s fascinating to see what those with extreme wealth are spending their money on. Moreover, purchasing a Hermés handbag isn’t about personal style or preference these days, rather, it is a statement of wealth and status clad in leather.

Perhaps this is why it is the most viewed unboxing on Youtube. It is aspirational of the kind of wealth most of us only imagine in our wildest dreams.

Still, if you could afford it, would you buy a Hermés handbag or is this overt display of wealth simply not for you? Is a Hermés Birkin bag worth it or is just capitalism gone rampant?

Linnea Moran

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