LGBTQIA, Parenting / November 27, 2019

Would You Raise Your Kids To Be Gender Non-Binary?

In recent years, our society at large has come to understand a broader definition of gender. This definition aligns with the idea that gender is a social construct. The idea that we are either inherently masculine or feminine depending on our genitalia and census forms that are assigned to us at birth is being radically shaken by the understanding that gender and identity are layered concepts.

Though many trans people are sadly still victimized every day around the world, trans actors like Indya Moore and MJ Rodriguez of Pose, as well as, writer, producer and activist Janet Mock are redefining what it means to be publicly visible as a trans person.

Which begs the question, should children still be raised with gender norms? For example, a gender-neutral name, boy and girl toys? Colors and gendered clothing? Assuming that you forgo all of those more minuscule norms, what about the big ones like gender pronouns? Do you agree that children should be raised without gender?

These parents below are pushing the envelope on what it means to raise children that are free of gender. Watch and share your thoughts.

Linnea Moran

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