Beauty, Inspiration / August 5, 2019

Yes, It’s True – Mullets Are Back!

I know what you’re thinking. How can mullets be trending? To be honest, it makes so much sense. Look at fashion right now. We are compelled to be honest and edgy in our expression of style but the more that bold trends gain traction, the more risks style gurus have to take in order to stand out from the masses.


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Mullets, known as the hi-lo of haircuts, traditionally have been business in the front, party in the back. No longer. Be bold, they say and nothing says bold like a step mullet. The hair cut consists of a shorter piece of hair cut in front of the ear, creating a step-like look to a longer section down the back. It is an immediately irreversible style choice that takes a street fashion look to the next level.


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This chick looks epic, and it doesn’t matter if she can actually play electric guitar, she looks like she can and that’s all that matters. Would you entertain a step mullet? Book an appointment if you dare. #mulletmonday

Linnea Moran

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